fad_gel (fad_gel) wrote in korrektor_ru,

Снегоборцы и британская зависть

Schools open, trains running normally, airports functioning without delay. Welcome to Moscow where, unlike paralysed Britain, life continued much as usual yesterday, despite 15cm of snow and temperatures as low as -27C (-17F).
After the warmest December and January on record, Russia's winter arrived on Wednesday night, carpeting the capital in whiteness and freezing the Moscow river. But when it comes to winter the Russians have one thing the British lack — a comprehensive plan. From the early hours of yesterday an army of snegoborochnaya mashina — snowploughs — took to Moscow's streets. (The Guardian, February 9, 2007 по наводке Gazeta.Ru).

А ведь и вправду неплохо получается... Из корректорско-редакторских штучек хотелось бы отметить изящное -27C (к чему пробелы и знак °, коли и так понятно, что про температуру, -- Mr. Milchin нервно курит, утюжа хрустящий снежок) и армию снегоборческих машин :).

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